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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Acetylenic bond reduction anchored on (CO)6Fe2(µ-Se2): synthesis and characterization of [(CO)6Fe2{µ-SeC(H):C(R)Se}] and [{(CO)6Fe2Se2}2{µ-C(H)=CR)}] (R = 3-Th, 2-Th; Th = C4H3S)Mathur, Pradeep
1993Acetylenic Bond Reduction on Fez( C0)6(µ-Sez) and Synthesis of the Double-Butterfly Complex [((Co)6Fe2(µ-se)2)2C(Ph)-C(H)]Mathur, Pradeep
1993Acetylenic derivatives of [Fe2 (CO) 6 (μ-Se2)]: acetylenic bond reduction on a selenium-stabilised Fe2Pt mixed-metal complexMathur, Pradeep
1995Acetylenic derivatives of Fe2(CO) 6 ()x-Se2) • synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of [(CO) 6Fe2(I~-SeC(H) =C(H) Se)] and [((CO) 6Fe2Se2)2(~-C~ H)-C( H))]Mathur, Pradeep
2014Acid-Driven Dimensionality Control of Cd(II) Complexes: From Discrete Double Open Cubane to One- and Three-Dimensional NetworksMobin, Shaikh M.; Mishra, Veenu; Chaudhary, Archana; Rai, Dhirendra K.; Mathur, Pradeep
1983Activation of heteronuclear triple bonds by cluster compounds. The cleavage of the carbon-nitrogen triple bond of an isocyanide ligand by a ruthenium clusterMathur, Pradeep
1991Addition of methylene groups to Fe3(CO)9(µ3-Te)2Mathur, Pradeep
1993Addition of organic and inorganic moieties to Fe2 (CO) 6 (μ-EE′) and Fe3 (CO) 9 (μ3-E)(μ3-E′)[E= Se, Te; E′= S, Se, Te]Mathur, Pradeep
1995Addition of Phenylacetylene to the Mixed-Chalcogenide Compounds (CO)6Fe2µ-SeTe)(,C O)6Fe2µ-SSe)a,n d (CO)&'e2µ-STe)S. tructural Characterization of (CO)6Fe2{p-SeC(H)=C(P h)Te)Mathur, Pradeep
1998Addition of Propargyl Groups to [Fe2(CO)6(µ-E2)] (E= S, Se, Te) and Reactions of [Fe2(CO)6(µ-ECH2C = CH)2] (E=S, Se) with Co2(CO)8; Crystal Structures of [Fe2(CO)6(µ-SeCH2C = CH)2], [Fe2(CO)6 {(µ-SCH2 C = CH)Co2(CO)6} 2] and [Fe2(CO)6{(µ-SeCH2C=CH)Co2(CO)6}2]Mathur, Pradeep
2015Advance quantum based binary neural network learning algorithmPatel, Om Prakash; Tiwari, Aruna
2006Allylpalladium (II) complexes with dichalcogenoimidodiphosphinate ligands: Synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and their transformation into palladium chalcogenidesMobin, Shaikh M.; Mathur, Pradeep
1-Jul-2016Analysis and development of integrated index for diagnosis of coronary artery disease based on heart rate signalsSood, Surabhi
2014Analysis and optimization of micro-geometry of miniature spur gears manufactured by wire electric discharge machiningGupta, Kapil; Jain, Neelesh K.
2015An Analysis of Integration of Hill Climbing in Crossover and Mutation operation for EEG Signal ClassificationBhardwaj, Arpit; Tiwari, Aruna; Varma, M. Vishaal; Krishna, M. Ramesh
2008Analysis of surface roughness and out-of-roundness in the electro-chemical honing of internal cylindersJain, Neelesh K.
18-Apr-2016Analytic and geometric properties of certain classes of univalent and P-valent functionsSharma, Navneet Lal
24-Oct-2016Analytic and mapping properties of certain analytic functions with applicationsAgrawal, Sarita
1998Annulation reactions of Fischer carbene complexes tethered on a chalcogen-stabilized iron carbonyl cluster: Dependence of reaction pathway on chalcogen atomMathur, Pradeep
2000Annulation With and Without CO-Insertion: Striking a Balance in Reactivity of Chromium Carbene Complexes with Chalcogen-Stabilized Iron Cluster AppendageMathur, Pradeep