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Title: Reduction of O2– related defect states related to increased bandgap in Si4+ substituted ZnO
Authors: Shirage, Parasharam M.
Sen, Somaditya
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Scripta Materialia
Citation: Scripta Materialia, vol. 124, pp. 11–14, Nov. 2016
Series/Report no.: JA04;
Abstract: ZnO is known to have oxygen vacancies which count for green emission. The oxygen deficient ZnO system has a bandgap of 3.12 eV with an Urbach tail of 0.083 eV which hints at structural irregularities in the material. This inherent property of oxygen deficiency is reduced by substituting with Si4+, most probably due to the extra charge on the substituent ions, improving the structural regularity and is revealed by photoluminescence. Reducing Urbach energy and increasing bandgap supports the claim and is supported by a quantitative evaluation of defects in ZnO.
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