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Title: Field-enhanced magnetic moment in ellipsoidal nano-hematite
Authors: Sen, Somaditya
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Materials Research Express
Citation: Materials Research Express, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 26114, Jun. 2014
Series/Report no.: JA07;
Abstract: Bulk hematite is a canted antiferromagnet at room temperature and displays weak magnetic coercivity above the Morin transition temperature TM∼262 K. Below TM, hematite displays traditional antiferromagnetic behavior, with no net magnetic moment or magnetic hysteresis. Here, we report that ellipsoidal nanocrystals of hematite (ENH) display a significant field-enhanced magnetic moment (FEMM) upon being poled by a magnetic field. This poled moment displays a giant coercive field of nearly 6000 Oe at low temperature. Atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy indicates that the nanocrystals are single crystalline, and that the surfaces are bulk-terminated. The apical terminations include the <001> sets of planes, which are implicated in possible formation of FM-arrangements near the surface. We tentatively suggest that FEMM in ENH could also arise from uncompensated surface spins or a shell of ordered spins oriented and pinned near the surface by a magnetic field. The gradual loss of magnetic moment with increasing temperature could arise as a result of competition between surface pinning energy, and kT. The large coercive field points toward possible applications for ENH in digital magnetic recording.
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