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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987The reactivity of Fe3 (μ3- Te) 2 (CO) 9 towards Pt (PPh3) 4Mathur, Pradeep
1986A convenient synthesis of Fe (CO) 2 (η2-S2CNMe2) 2 and Fe (η2-S2CNMe2) 2 from the monodentate dithiocarbamato derivative,[(η5-C5H5)(CO) 3W (η1-SCSNMe2)] and Fe2 (CO) 9Mathur, Pradeep
1983Cleavage of Carbon-Sulfur Bonds in Thiolato Ligands in Osmium Carbonyl Cluster Compounds. The Synthesis and StructuralCharacterization of H20s6(CO),,(µ4-S) (p&) and Two IsomersOf H2°s6(C0),,(~µ-S) (µS's)Mathur, Pradeep
1988Reactivity of Tricarbonyl(~5-cyclopentadienyl)(dirnethyldithiocarbamato)tungsten towards ~oordinatively Unsaturated SpeciesMathur, Pradeep
1984Cluster synthesis. 5. Synthesis and crystal and molecular structures of Os6 (CO) 19 (µ 3-S) and Os6 (CO) 17 (µ 4-S)Mathur, Pradeep
1983Activation of heteronuclear triple bonds by cluster compounds. The cleavage of the carbon-nitrogen triple bond of an isocyanide ligand by a ruthenium clusterMathur, Pradeep
1989Synthesis and characterisation of (HOs,( CO) lo- ( µ-TeC,H,OMe)] and its conversion into (Os3Te2( CO) 9]Mathur, Pradeep
1989Cluster synthesis. 25. Synthesis and characterization of new mixed-metal cluster complexes by metal-metal exchange. Reactions of the sulfido cluster complexes M3 (CO) 9 (µ 3-CO)(µ 3-S)(M= iron, ruthenium and osmium) with W (CO) 5L (L= CO or PMe2Ph)Mathur, Pradeep
1989Facile synthesis of M3 (CO) 9 (. mu. 3-Te) 2 (M= Ru, Os) and the synthesis and characterization of the novel cluster Fe2Os3 (CO) 17 (µ 4-Te)(µ 3-Te)Mathur, Pradeep
1989The contrasting roles of the various chalcogens in the synthesis of mixed metal complexes (CO) aFe,( ~13 -E)2 M ( PPh,) z (E = Te, Se, S; M = Ni, Pd, Pt))Mathur, Pradeep