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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of new mixed-metal, mixed-chalcogenide clusters [Fe 2 W (CO) 10 (Á 3-Se)(Á 3-E)](E= Te or S). Structures of [Fe 2 M (CO) 10 (Á 3-Se)(Á 3-E)](M= W, E= Se or Te; M= Mo, E= Se)Mathur, Pradeep
1999Formation of vinyl ether derivatives in the reaction of tributyltin hydride with cluster supported Fischer carbene complexes: structural characterisation of [(CO)6Fe2Te2{µ-PhC CC(OEt)}W(CO)5]Mathur, Pradeep
1994Carbon-selenium bond cleavage in the double butterfly complex [{(CO)6 Fe2 (µ-Se)2}2{C(Ph)-C(H)}]Mathur, Pradeep
1999A selenium-bridged mixed-metal cluster,(CO) 5 (PPh3) 2FePt2 (μ3-Se)Mathur, Pradeep
1997Synthesis and structural characterisation of trans-Cp 2 Mo2 02( µ-O)( µ-Te) and cis-CP2 Mo2 02( µ-O)(µ-S)Mathur, Pradeep
1997Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of (CO)6Fe2{ µ -EC(H)=C(2-Th)E ') (E,E' = S, Se, Te; Th = C4H3S) Structural characterization of (CO)6Fe2{µ-SeC(H)=C(2-Th)Se}Mathur, Pradeep
1997Synthesis and spectroscopic characterisation of closo-Ru4(CO)12(µ4,h2-HC2Ph)and closo-Ru 4( CO) 9(-CO) 2(µ4-Se). Crystal structure of closo- Ru4(CO)12(m4,h2-HC2Ph)Mathur, Pradeep
1997Mixed Fe/Mo mixed-chalcogenide ‘hour-glass’ clusters,[Fe 4 Mo (CO) 14 (μ 3-E) 2 (μ 3-E′) 2] and [Fe 3 Mo (CO) 11 (μ 3-E)(μ 3-E′)(μ-E′–E′)](E, E′= S, Se or Te)Mathur, Pradeep
1996Propargyl alcohol derivatives of Fe2(CO) 6 (µ-EE') (E,E' = S, Se or Te)" synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of(CO) 6Fe2(µ-EC(H)=C(CH2OH) E'} (E = Se or Te; E' = S, Se or Te); Crystal structure of(CO) 5(PPh3) Fe2( P~-SeC(CH2OH) =C(H) Se}Mathur, Pradeep
1998Synthesis, characterisation and nonlinear optical properties of tetrahedral clusters Cp 2 Mo 2 ME (CO) 7,(M= Fe, Ru, Os; E= S, Se)Mathur, Pradeep