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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Mixed-valent ferrocenyltellurenyl halides. Synthesis, electrochemistry and unusual molecular structureMathur, Pradeep; Mobin, Shaikh M.
8-Jul-2016Synthesis of potent ligands for targeting prostate specific membrane antigen receptorTyagi, Jyotsana
5-Jul-2016Synthesis of bimetallic metal-organic frameworks and their applicationKaur, Gurpreet
3-Jul-2015Synthesis, characterization and optical properties of small moleculesMondal, Sahidul
2006Allylpalladium (II) complexes with dichalcogenoimidodiphosphinate ligands: Synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and their transformation into palladium chalcogenidesMobin, Shaikh M.; Mathur, Pradeep
2015Varying coordination modes of amide ligand in group 12 Hg( II ) and Cd( II ) complexes: synthesis, crystal structure and nonlinear optical propertiesMobin, Shaikh M.; Mishra, Veenu; Rai, Dhirendra K.; Mathur, Pradeep
2009Synthesis and molecular structures of the cobalt complexes (η4-C4Me4)Co(CO)2SnCl3, (η4-C4Me4)Co(CO)2(TeI2Ph), and (η4-C4Me4)Co(CO)2 (TeBrIPh) with the shortened Co-Sn and Co-Te bondsMathur, Pradeep
2009Phenyltellurenyl halide complexes of ruthenium and rhenium (CO)2RuBr2(PhTeBr)2 and (CO)3Re(PhTeI)3(μ3-I): Synthesis and crystal and molecular structuresMathur, Pradeep
30-Jun-2015Series of pyridine-2,6-dicarbohydrazide aroyl hydrazone ligands: synthesis, characterization and crystal structuresKumar, Ravi
3-Jul-2015Synthesis, characterization and properties of a water soluble, naphthyl monoimide based unnatural amino acid and its binding studies with DNABiswas, Ankan