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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Impact of molybdenum out diffusion and interface quality on the performance of sputter grown CZTS based solar cellsKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
2018Transparent heat regulating (THR) materials and coatings for energy saving window applications: Impact of materials design, micro-structural, and interface quality on the THR performanceKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
2018A Unified Scalable Quasi-Ballistic Transport Model of GFET for Circuit SimulationsUpadhyay, Abhishek Kumar; Kushwaha, Ajay Kumar; Vishvakarma, Santosh Kumar
2017Stable and Efficient CuO Based Photocathode through Oxygen-Rich Composition and Au–Pd Nanostructure Incorporation for Solar-Hydrogen ProductionKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
2018Influence of electrodeposition modes on the electrochemical performance of MnO2 films prepared using anionic MnO4− (Mn7+) precursorKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
2017Critical review on sputter-deposited Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) based thin film photovoltaic technology focusing on device architecture and absorber quality on the solar cells performanceKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
2017Morphologically tailored CuO photocathode using aqueous solution technique for enhanced visible light driven water splittingKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
2017Electrochemical supercapacitive performance of potentiostatically cathodic electrodeposited nanostructured MnO2 filmsKushwaha, Ajay Kumar
27-Jun-2018Investigations of inorganic-organic hybrid photodetectorTiwari, Ananya; Singh, Vipul [Supervisor]
9-Jul-2018Formability studies of NiTi shape memory alloy using laser forming techniqueSharma, Abhinav; Hosmani, Santosh [Supervisor]