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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Coordination polymer hydrogels through Ag(I)- mediated spontaneous self-assembly of unsubstituted nucleobases and their antimicrobial activitySharma, Bhagwati; Mahata, Arup; Mandani, Sonam; Sarma, Tridib K.; Pathak, Biswarup
2015Carbon nanodots as ligand exchange probes in Au@C-dot nanobeacons for fluorescent turn-on detection of biothiolsMandani, Sonam; Sharma, Bhagwati; Sarma, Tridib K.
2015Catalytic activity of various pepsin reduced Au nanostructures towards reduction of nitroarenes and resazurinSharma, Bhagwati; Mandani, Sonam; Sarma, Tridib K.
2013Carbon dot reduced palladium nanoparticles as active catalysts for carbon–carbon bond formationBhattacharya, Tamalika; Majumdar, Biju; Mandani, Sonam; Sharma, Bhagwati; Sarma, Tridib K.
2012Self-assembled monolayer coated gold-nanoparticle catalyzed aerobic oxidation of α-hydroxy ketones in water: an efficient one-pot synthesis of quinoxaline derivativesBhattacharya, Tamalika; Sarma, Tridib K.; Samanta, Sampak
2016White light emission by controlled mixing of carbon dots and rhodamine B for applications in optical thermometry and selective Fe3+detectionMandani, Sonam; Sharma, Bhagwati; Sarma, Tridib K.
2014Enzymes as bionanoreactors: glucose oxidase for the synthesis of catalytic Au nanoparticles and Au nanoparticle–polyaniline nanocompositesSharma, Bhagwati; Mandani, Sonam; Sarma, Tridib K.
2014Ultrasound mediated synthesis of α-aminophosphonates and 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-ones using graphene oxide as a recyclable catalyst under solvent-free conditionsBhattacharya, Tamalika; Majumdar, Biju; Sarma, Tridib K.